The Footwork course gave me a clear structure for my work and with the tools it presented of attention and co-operation with clients. It gave me lots of silence and I just feel good in my work.

It is nice that I can offer people the option to learn and get involved in their learning process.

I found that clients benefit both in their physical symptoms and in their attitude. The concept of body attention opens “a big menu” for them which they then use in other areas and activities in their lives. This is exactly what I like to create and it boosts my vision of opening opportunities to be well for my clients.

I definitely recommend the course to all wellness professionals. The course’s structure and the work were excellent, you just need to follow it step by step and it’s not possible to get lost. It was not just theoretical but included many clear examples and it was simply worth the money.

Annamaria Fedeli
Wellness Practitioner – Shiatsu – Footwork
Milan, Italy