Footwork gave me a complete new perspective about therapy. Coming from a Western, scientifically-based therapy, I work with diagnosis, prognosis, and rehabilitation stages of “what to do”. This course with its concepts of body attention and teaching body to body gave a new focus and obliged me to be “in it”.

I use it in my work as a physiotherapist, working with my own body attention and directing my clients to feel and experience their body. I relate to the movement in the body, its connection to breathing, paying attention to pain and relaxing with it – when possible for the client. It’s not just the words I say but my intention and being with my own body attention.

The map of efforts is really cool, I worked with my clients combining direct touch on the area of pain and touch on the feet, and to my surprise it affected their condition.

My clients gain more because something became much more alive, they perceive themselves and are more involved, and I have a much more pleasant experience when working. I have no doubt many physiotherapists can benefit from adding Footwork to their work.

I loved learning through the computer and movies, I was surprised by the exam as it taught me further and I was very pleased with doing it and the e- book is great.

On the whole, I really enjoyed the overall spirit of learning.

Elad Einav
Ginegar, Israel