The Footwork course changes the fundamental way you think about helping the body to heal.

The practice of medicine can become such a complicated thing in the information age, and the more convoluted the path we travel the more easily we find ourselves getting off track in our attempts to find true healing. I’ve always thought that if there is a truth in healing work then it must be extremely simple … almost incomprehensibly so. This may be exactly what I have encountered with the Footwork course. At its heart is a shift of focus away from treatment of conditions – from trying to fix things for patients – and toward simply allowing the body to do the healing work it needs to do and, indeed, already knows how to do.

If I hadn’t had a powerful experience of this work in my own body, I might never have taken the course because it looks so simple. Too simple. But if I had not taken the course, then I wouldn’t be telling you this now: don’t over-think things like I often do – just take this course, simply because it can provide better results than you’re getting with whatever you’re already doing.

Greg Yasuda, ND
Naturopathic physician
Seattle, WA, USA