I found Footwork to be surprisingly relevant to my work as a psychotherapist.

While integrating in my treatment the learning about breathing and silence, I could let my patients experience how to pay attention to their body, stay in the present moment and let the noise in their head recede, not having to focus or pay attention to it.

My clients were satisfied and their feedbacks were positive. They all felt notably more relaxed, more able to pay attention to their body in daily life. One of my patients wrote me the following after a Footwork session: “Today’s work impressed me in a particular way. It is marvelous to work without words. Thanks, thanks, thanks. It is strange, but I feel well in this moment. The black cloud will come back, but it is for a long time that I haven’t felt so relaxed and I dare say, focused.” I definitely intend to go on using Footwork with all my clients.

Dr. Simona Fascendini
Psychologist, Psychotherapist
Milan, Italy