I found the didactic approach in the Footwork course very interesting. Learning through the combination of reading, hearing and seeing the subject matter and then practicing, proved to be a really good concept.

I was positively surprised that an online course can be that effective even when learning about touch. Watching the videos and seeing how Avi touches was especially helpful. While at the beginning I was very tense and tired after I had given a session, with time I felt more alive and energetic. Sometimes I achieve “dancing with the client”, as Avi recommended it, using my whole body, and this creates a good feeling for me and the client.

I was quite astounded by the effects the clients described. It was much more than I had expected. I have the impression some clients found it easier to get into touch with their core–themes by working with the body rather than verbally. As a psychotherapist, my relationship with the client is different to that I learned to have in Footwork. In Footwork I see myself as a trainer who teaches possibilities that the person can use in their daily life.

Dr Elisabeth Grabner Tesar
Vienna, Austria