Footwork gave me a complete new perspective about therapy. Coming from a Western, scientifically-based therapy, I work with diagnosis, prognosis, and rehabilitation stages of “what to do”. This course with its concepts of body attention and teaching body to body gave a new focus and obliged me to be “in it”.

I use it in my work as a physiotherapist, working with my own body attention and directing my clients to feel and experience their body. I relate to the movement in the body, its connection to breathing, paying attention to pain and relaxing with it – when possible for the client. It’s not just the words I say but my intention and being with my own body attention.

The map of efforts is really cool, I worked with my clients combining direct touch on the area of pain and touch on the feet, and to my surprise it affected their condition.

My clients gain more because something became much more alive, they perceive themselves and are more involved, and I have a much more pleasant experience when working. I have no doubt many physiotherapists can benefit from adding Footwork to their work.

I loved learning through the computer and movies, I was surprised by the exam as it taught me further and I was very pleased with doing it and the e- book is great.

On the whole, I really enjoyed the overall spirit of learning.

Elad Einav
Ginegar, Israel

I found Footwork to be surprisingly relevant to my work as a psychotherapist.

While integrating in my treatment the learning about breathing and silence, I could let my patients experience how to pay attention to their body, stay in the present moment and let the noise in their head recede, not having to focus or pay attention to it.

My clients were satisfied and their feedbacks were positive. They all felt notably more relaxed, more able to pay attention to their body in daily life. One of my patients wrote me the following after a Footwork session: “Today’s work impressed me in a particular way. It is marvelous to work without words. Thanks, thanks, thanks. It is strange, but I feel well in this moment. The black cloud will come back, but it is for a long time that I haven’t felt so relaxed and I dare say, focused.” I definitely intend to go on using Footwork with all my clients.

Dr. Simona Fascendini
Psychologist, Psychotherapist
Milan, Italy

The short, online Footwork learning experience was excellent.

I have taken other wellness courses online and this course felt fresh, inviting and inclusive. The styling and production of the videos were excellent, highly engaging. The text was detailed and clear. Together I feel like I have a complete understanding of the Footwork technique and I will now continue to improve my skills through regular practice.

My yoga students, with whom I practiced Footwork, definitely enhanced their body awareness and their curiosity is piqued about how habitual patterns cause pain, injury and suffering on different levels. Many of them understand now how important the foundation (feet) of a pose is to building structure and form in a balanced, healthy way.

Catherine Brooks
Holistic health counselor,
Healing artist, Yoga instructor
Chicago, IL, USA

The Footwork course changes the fundamental way you think about helping the body to heal.

The practice of medicine can become such a complicated thing in the information age, and the more convoluted the path we travel the more easily we find ourselves getting off track in our attempts to find true healing. I’ve always thought that if there is a truth in healing work then it must be extremely simple … almost incomprehensibly so. This may be exactly what I have encountered with the Footwork course. At its heart is a shift of focus away from treatment of conditions – from trying to fix things for patients – and toward simply allowing the body to do the healing work it needs to do and, indeed, already knows how to do.

If I hadn’t had a powerful experience of this work in my own body, I might never have taken the course because it looks so simple. Too simple. But if I had not taken the course, then I wouldn’t be telling you this now: don’t over-think things like I often do – just take this course, simply because it can provide better results than you’re getting with whatever you’re already doing.

Greg Yasuda, ND
Naturopathic physician
Seattle, WA, USA

Footwork has redefined my practice. It has made me more connected with both my longtime and new clients.

What I see reflected in their bodies is always reflected in their feet. And the results speak for themselves, happier healthier clients, and a greater percentage of repeats. I can’t recommend Footwork enough!
Richard Frank
Certified massage therapist
New York, NY, USA

Thank you very much for your online Footwork course. The learning process was a pleasure as the whole course was well structured and entertaining.

It suited me well not to have to stick to a specific timetable but work with the videos and the complementing PDF documents according to my own rhythm, watching the videos several times whenever I needed.

The mapping of the feet is very interesting for my work as a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, especially the visual part, which helps me interpret the body’s language more efficiently. I “discovered” that specific parts of the feet correspond with the Jin Shin Jyutsu safety energy locks, and I found this useful even if the healing touch is completely different.

It was practical to see Avi demonstrating how to “dance with the client” and how to sit and breathe correctly in order to avoid tension. I could apply both while working with my clients. I also started focusing my clients more on breathing with attention. During the learning process they all said that their feeling of wellbeing improved, being overall much more relaxed.

All in all it was a great experience. Footwork is a powerful technique to improve health at all levels. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn with this online course.

Corinna Hagen
Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner,
Nutrition and diet consultant
Javea, Spain

I found the didactic approach in the Footwork course very interesting. Learning through the combination of reading, hearing and seeing the subject matter and then practicing, proved to be a really good concept.

I was positively surprised that an online course can be that effective even when learning about touch. Watching the videos and seeing how Avi touches was especially helpful. While at the beginning I was very tense and tired after I had given a session, with time I felt more alive and energetic. Sometimes I achieve “dancing with the client”, as Avi recommended it, using my whole body, and this creates a good feeling for me and the client.

I was quite astounded by the effects the clients described. It was much more than I had expected. I have the impression some clients found it easier to get into touch with their core–themes by working with the body rather than verbally. As a psychotherapist, my relationship with the client is different to that I learned to have in Footwork. In Footwork I see myself as a trainer who teaches possibilities that the person can use in their daily life.

Dr Elisabeth Grabner Tesar
Vienna, Austria

The Footwork course gave me a clear structure for my work and with the tools it presented of attention and co-operation with clients. It gave me lots of silence and I just feel good in my work.

It is nice that I can offer people the option to learn and get involved in their learning process.

I found that clients benefit both in their physical symptoms and in their attitude. The concept of body attention opens “a big menu” for them which they then use in other areas and activities in their lives. This is exactly what I like to create and it boosts my vision of opening opportunities to be well for my clients.

I definitely recommend the course to all wellness professionals. The course’s structure and the work were excellent, you just need to follow it step by step and it’s not possible to get lost. It was not just theoretical but included many clear examples and it was simply worth the money.

Annamaria Fedeli
Wellness Practitioner – Shiatsu – Footwork
Milan, Italy

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