The Footwork course changes the fundamental way you think about helping the body to heal.

Greg Yasuda, ND
Naturopathic physician
Seattle, WA, USA

I found the didactic approach in the Footwork course very interesting. Learning through the combination of reading, hearing and seeing the subject matter and then practicing, proved to be a really good concept.

Dr Elisabeth Grabner Tesar
Vienna, Austria

I found Footwork to be surprisingly relevant to my work as a psychotherapist.

Dr. Simona Fascendini
Psychologist, Psychotherapist
Milan, Italy

Thank you very much for your online Footwork course. The learning process was a pleasure as the whole course was well structured and entertaining.

Corinna Hagen
Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner,
Nutrition and diet consultant
Javea, Spain

Footwork has redefined my practice. It has made me more connected with both my longtime and new clients.

Richard Frank
Certified massage therapist
New York, NY, USA

Footwork gave me a complete new perspective about therapy. Coming from a Western, scientifically-based therapy, I work with diagnosis, prognosis, and rehabilitation stages of “what to do”. This course with its concepts of body attention and teaching body to body gave a new focus and obliged me to be “in it”.

Elad Einav
Ginegar, Israel

The short, online Footwork learning experience was excellent.

Catherine Brooks
Holistic health counselor,
Healing artist, Yoga instructor
Chicago, IL, USA

The Footwork course gave me a clear structure for my work and with the tools it presented of attention and co-operation with clients. It gave me lots of silence and I just feel good in my work.

Annamaria Fedeli
Wellness Practitioner – Shiatsu – Footwork
Milan, Italy

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