The technique

footwork technique review
Why feet?
Different people, different effort
Relating the feet to the body
Three layers of mapping
Three layers of mapping
The rewards of training body attention
The rewards of training body attention

Footwork is a technique created by Avi Grinberg, developer of the widely-used practice Holistic Reflexology as well as founder of the Grinberg Method, which itself is now practiced in Europe, Israel, and the USA.

The technique developed reflexology into a holistic mind-body approach, using the body’s ability to get well naturally and individually. It combines the advantages of teaching through the body – where conditions and symptoms are experienced, with the benefit of guiding and focusing the client’s mind through verbal instructions.

Footwork teaches the whole person, focusing on what we can observe through the feet about where a person is making unnecessary effort and where they are losing energy in their body. The technique allows you to affect every part of the body through touch on the feet, in line with a detailed map indicating effort and energy expenditure in the body, a map which you create individually for every client. It is designed to turn your client or patient into your partner, who can then actively engage in the healing process and implement the tools they learn with you in their daily life, for an abiding change.

When you learn this technique you will be able to use its concepts and forms of touch to create stand-alone sessions and follow longer processes. You can also integrate it into other modalities of therapy or bodywork that you already practice, targeting the people and aspects of your work that could benefit from it the most.

The technique highlights the practitioner’s wellbeing, because your level of energy, attention, and relaxation affect the results: the more well you are, the more you can perceive and teach wellbeing and with it, create a more powerful and satisfying workplace.

The Footwork technique is effective, generating long-lasting results, because it empowers a natural function. Our bodies have the capacity to be much more alive than we usually allow them to be. Footwork teaches you with precision and depth how to tap into the body’s huge natural ability to continually rebalance, repair, heal, and regenerate. You learn how to recognize patterns in a client’s body that continuously reduce their wellbeing and you acquire the practical tools to teach clients, based on this information, to break free of these patterns.

The technique achieves greater wellbeing for the client by first creating the conditions in which real learning happens. You learn to give the body the time, energy, and attention it needs to focus on what disturbs it and devote its resources to rebalancing itself.

You will be able to teach your clients to gain energy by:

  • letting go of unnecessary effort
  • relaxing unconscious habitual tension
  • breathing naturally and fully
  • reducing internal dialogue
  • quieting the mind
  • shifting attention to the body

With more quiet concentration, energy, and relaxation, the client’s body can work very intensively and efficiently.

Footwork generates quick results and because the client is fully engaged in each physical and experiential step of the process, the results can be very long-lasting. Since it can be a pleasurable and very interesting experience for clients to participate so actively in their own wellbeing and healing process, they have many incentives to continue learning, long after the initial complaint is gone.